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Quality Time
Pairing: platonic Jeonghan/Junhui
Genre: friendship, slice of life
Rating: pg

Jeonghan rushes home to his dorm room from the library after he spared a glance at the clock hanging above the shelves. He fumbles with his keys and throws the door open when he finally catches the right one. The student discards his bag and shoes on the floor and stumbles into the living room. Junhui, his best friend and roommate, is sitting on the couch, arms around his knees and a pout on his lips.
"You're late.", is the first thing the younger says, voice sharp, making Jeonghan feel guilty immediatly.
"I know, I'm late and I'm so, so sorry. I just forgot the time while studying." He knows it's not a proper excuse, but he can't help himself. Jeonghan's never on time, because he always gets lost in the things he does. The long haired boy sits down next to his best friend and throws his arms around his shoulders, hugging him close and burying his face in the curve of the other's neck. "Please don't be mad at me, Junhui."
The chinese sighs. "I know you better than you know yourself. I'm not mad. I just hoped, you'd be on time for our quality time at least before the exams start."
"I'll buy you food tomorrow." Jeonghan tries with a smile and Junhui actually smiles back.

"You're forgiven. Now get on the floor. I've watched this new youtube video on how to french braid and I think you'd look very pretty with it.", Junhui says and flutters his lashes. Jeonghan laughs and eventually gets on the floor between the younger's legs. He feels Junhui's long finger carding through his hair, calming him down from all the stress that builds with the upcoming exams. He closes his eyes and starts to hum to a melody that had been in his head for days.

Some time later, the caressing touches stop and he hears Junhui's phone camera going off. He opens his eyes and turns around, a phone shoved in his face and the chinese boy grinning proudly.
"See? You really look as pretty as I thought.", he laughs and Jeonghan looks at his work, nodding in approval. "Will you wear it to school tomorrow?"
Jeonghan stands up, stretches his sore muscles and then smiles at his best friend. "Of course. But now it's time for bed." Junhui takes his extended hand and follows him to the bedroom. "Next time, I'm braiding your hair though."

A/N: I love Jeonghan and I'm Seventeen trash, I've had this in my head since the first time I saw them
thanks for reading ♥

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I just read this and I am melting..MELTING!! this is literally the cutest thing on earth and I hope you continue to write more (maybe continuing this) because it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and i'm hurting. This was too beautiful.

Thank you! This is the nicest comment I've ever received ;; I'm working in more~ Maybe I'll set it in the same verse (but it's going to be jisoo/jeonghan haha)
Thanks again ♡

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