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Just another day in the life of Yoo Kihyun
Pairing: Kihyun &&hybrid!Wonho/hybrid!Minhyuk, implied Kihyun/Changkyun
Genre: slice of life
Rating: g
Lenght: drabble
Author's note: Minhyuk and Wonho are the size of a 4 yo toddler;; english is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any mistakes

Kihyun jumps when he hears the loud screeches from the living room, throwing the spatula away and running out of the kitchen. He gasps when he sees Wonho rolling on the floor, clutching is fluffy tail and single drop of blood rolling down his cheek. “Oh god, what did you do, Minhyuk?”, he cries out.
Kihyun falls onto his knees, cradling the little pup in his arms. “Minhyuk scratched me!” Wonho whines, his ears drooping and tears forming in his eyes. Kihyun sends Minhyuk a short glare, but it quickly dissolves when he sees the kitten pressed into a corner of the couch, perky white ears pressed back flat against his head.
“He gnawed on my tail!” Minhyuk defended himself, lips pulled back in a hiss. Kihyun shook his head, sighed and lifted Wonho up, carrying him to the kitchen. He cleaned the small cut on the pups cheek, putting a band-aid on it. He caresses Wonho head, scratching his ears until the hiccups stop.
“Wonho, you know, you can’t play too wild with Minhyuk. He’s not as tough as you are.” Kihyun reminds his little pup with his soothing voice. Wonho’s head is still hanging low, but he nods and Kihyun smiles at him. “Look after the food, while I’ll go talk with Minhyuk. But no touching!”, he adds.
Kihyun enters the living room and sees Minhyuk still curled up in a ball on the couch. He takes a seat right beside the fluffy white head and pulls the kitten on his lap. Minhyuk pressed his face against his chest and Kihyun feels a wet spot forming. Kihyun softly scratches behind Minhyuk ears.
“I’m sorry..”, the little kitten says,“But it hurt!” Kihyun sighs and places a small kiss on the crown of Minhyuk’s head. “I know, my love. Just keep the claws in next time, ok?” He feels the following nod more than he sees it. “I’m sorry too, Minhyukkie!”, exclaims Wonho suddenly.
They both look up, seeing the pup standing only a few feet away from the couch, hands behind his back and worrying his lip. Kihyun smiles at him and extends a hand, begging him over. Wonho yips happily, jumping on the couch and then crawling in Kihyun’s lap too, nuzzling the cat’s cheek lovingly.
Kihyun smiles when Minhyuk starts to purr and he pulls his two little hybrids closer, petting their heads. They cuddle for a while before Kihyun remembers their dinner left on the stove. He sighs, because it’s too late anyway, and sends Changkyun a message to get some food on the way home from work.

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