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Too Close;; drabble

Pairing: Minhyuk/Wonho
Genre: friendship, slight romance
Rating: pg

"Minhyuk, stop sniffing me!", Wonho yells and shoves the other man off him who promptly falls from the couch and on the ground. Minhyuk stares at him with wide eyes, startled and a bit shocked, and the rest of the group watches him too after his sudden outburst. Minhyuk doesn't seem to know what he did wrong in the slightest bit and Wonho stands up and rushes to his room, slamming the door shut tightly.

It's not the first time it had happened: Minhyuk coming up to him, leaning in close to get a whiff of him freshly showered or whenever Minhyuk gets the chance, he sits down next to him, pressing himself in Wonho's side, leaning his head on his shoulder and breathing in deeply. It happens too often for Wonho's taste.

But there had never been an outburst like this before; Wonho had just pushed Minhyuk off or took another seat further away.. He curls up in his bed, dragging the blanket over his body. It's only afternoon, they decided for a pre-dinner movie when the incident had happened, so he opts for a nap before Kihyun will come and get him for dinner. Wonho feels slightly guilty when he closes his eyes but the annoyance and anger make up for it.

Like he had predicted Kihyun came  and woke him up for dinner two hours later. Wonho sits down on his usual place and he's not surprised when Kihyun takes the seat next to him instead of Minhyuk. The younger sits the furthest away from him, eyes downcast and his smile missing even though Changkyun tries to cheer him up with some of his aegyo. Wonho knows he should apologise but he has always been stoic  and he didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't his fault.
He finishes his dinner fast and excuses  himself with words "I'm going to take the shower first". When he glances back over his shoulder, Kihyun mouths 'fix this' with a stern look. Wonho shakes his head. It's not his fault, he's not going to say sorry.

It takes three days for Minhyuk to break the silence between them. It's after a late night practice and Wonho's laying in his bed after his turn of showering, curled up in his blanket with his front facing the wall, when the mattress dips at the foot end. "I'm sorry.", the younger's says in his low husky voice. Wonho remains silent. "I should've known that it annoys you. I will stop now." Wonho sighs. "Why do you even sniff me?", he asks.
"You smell good, like the apple-cinnamon shampoo you always use and it reminds me of the scented candles my mom always buys and it's just...home. You smell like home.", the other rambles. Wonho's heart clenched with guilt at that. "Do you miss home?", he suddenly asks, slowly turning around and sitting up to face the younger. But Minhyuk doesn't look at him, instead his eyes are fixed on his hands in his lap. "Yes", the brunette answers with a strained voice, clearly holding back a sob.

Pulling the blanket back, Wonho reaches for Minhyuk and tugs him in. His arms come up to settle around the younger's shoulders, pulling him closer to comfort him. "I'm also sorry.", he whispers and Minhyuk clenches his fingers in the back of his shirt.

It changes after that night. Wonho's keeping Minhyuk close whenever he can and Kihyun smiles at them knowingly. Sometimes it's still too much for Wonho and he has to tell Minhyuk 'no' and the other will stay away until Wonho pulls him back in. It works out like this.

-first posting after almost a year???
-so...yeah, my first attempt at writing monsta x...
-I love Minhyuk so much and Wonho does too (coughs)
-this is trash, I'm trash
-english is not my mother tongue so Iguess there are a lot of mistakes....

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I'm really happy you wrote this!!! ♡ ;__; I love Monsta X and especially these two in particular. I want to write them so badly. I hope to see more of you here omg ;___; Thank you so much for sharing!!

I love them too ;; I guess you will~ I plan on writing more in the next weeks. Nothing long tho...
Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me ☆

I adore wonhyukXDThere is not enough fic of themTT_TT
I'm happy you wrote one:)
I really liked it^^
I hope you write more*_*

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