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My Heart Is Only For U
Pairing: Leo/Lay
Rating: pg
Genre: romance

It's past midnight when Taekwoon and his band mates come back to their dorm after celebrating their first win. He tells the others to go in without him with a passive smile and Hakyeon sends him a knowingly smirk. He waits and looks around for anyone, who possibly would hear him, but there's no one, so he fumbles for his phone and the small piece of paper in his pants' pocket. He reads the note again which Jongdae gave him backstage wordlessly with a cheeky grin. 'Wo ai ni, taixian' , it reads. His heart thumbs loudly against it's cage as he dials the familiar numbers on his phone. It rings five endlessly seconds before the other end picks up.
"Taekwoon! I mean...Leo hyung. Congrats to your first win! So I guess Jongdae actually did his job and was not being a dick again..." He hasn't even had time to thank the other before he starts talking nonsense about his own band mates and that VIXX definitely deserved the win although he was sad that their song didn't win. Taekwoon can't stop the smile forming on his lips as he listened the younger boy.
"Yixing..." he interrupts softly.
The babbling stops just in time and he knows the younger's holding his breath. "I love you too, and I miss you."
The chinese sighs, letting out the air he was holding in and when he answers, Taekwoon can practically hear the smile spreading on the other's lips. "I know. I hope I'll see you around soon."
He loves the soft and sympathetic voice of the younger.
"I have to go. The other's are waiting for me." It's possibly a lie, but he might be right and the others would wonder what he's doing and he's not ready to tell ( that he's helplessly in love with EXO-M's handsome and lovely dancer ) them yet. He doesn't wait for a response and ends the call. Later that night he gets a picture of a desk full of little notes just like the one he has got today. Under it is a short comment: 'Jongdae has a new task till we meet again'
Taekwoon smiles and shoves his phone back under his pillow. He closes his eyes and curses Zhang Yixing for making him smile this unnaturally much.

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I know my english is like shit and I'm really sorry for any mistakes I made. Pls don't hate me orz

LOL...I mean it's adorable and super cute so I love raged/tsundered on you

Omg thank you so much ;; <3
I didn't even hope that one of my favorite author would notice this haha <3
Thanks again <3

Awww so sweet! <3 I know nuts about Lay/Leo -- is it a thing?

Thank you ♡
they have their own tumblr tag so I's a thing
And they have many cute backstage or onstage interactions ;;

Oooh how do they know each other! :3

exo and vixx are friends and I think Taekwoon and Yixing just...clicked?
They're both rather quiet but so lovely and yeah..guess yixing wanted to be friends and now they're friends ;;

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