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#For Lii; Memories
Pairing: Yixing/Jongin
Genre: pg
Lenght: drabble
A/N: this is for Lii <3 she wished kaixing and I had too many wolf feels. ++ unbetad, I'm from Germany please don't mind my bad english, comments would be nice thanks <3

# For Lii ; Memories

Yixing takes Jongin out to hunt often. They both feel the most alive when they're hunting and dancing when they're humans. And Jongin is as beautiful when he runs between the green and brown forrest to the sound of the nature as much as he's beautiful when he's dancing to music.
Yixing loves how the sun glimmers golden on Jongin's dark brown fur. They're lying on a forest glade, Jongin next to him as they watch the dawn.
And Yixing remembers.


The first time Jongin transformed into his wolf form was with Yixing in their practice room. They stayed behind the others to practise their duo performance for the next mv.
But Jongin couldn't get that one move right. They danced it again and again until they're both breathless but Jongin didn't seem to stop until he got this one move right.
Yixing instead, decided that he -and so Jongin- needed a break, so he went to the bench where their water bottles lay and picked one up and took a sip and then turn around and throw it to Jongin, who just crashes down on the floor with a frustrated growl.

His body began to shake and he desperately hit the floor. Yixing thinks he could even see some tears in the edges of Jongin's eyes.
Yixing knows what the violent shaking means. Jongin is close. Close to his first transformation. Everyone in EXO has to become a wolf in time. Jongin and Sehun are the last ones.
It was difficult to hide their beasties from the youngers and Yixing sometimes thinks that they already know.

But there is no time anymore for Yixing to think about it when Jongin's beast eat him from inside out.

Jongin is a beautiful wolf with dark brown fluffy fur and glowing orbs. He stands up and turns around a few times, searching for orientation, the many mirrors confuses him.
Even when he's a wolf, he's still as elegant as when he dances, Yixing thinks.

But Jongin isn't really dancing, Yixing realized, Jongin's panicking. Yixing reacts instinctively.
The bottle Yixing dropped, cought Jongin's attention. He turns around and sees the elder walking in his direction.
Jongin growls.

"Shhh Jongin-ah. Everything's allright." Yixing murmurs and steps closer, ignoring the deeper growls of the latter. Yixing holds his arms up in defeat and Jongin calms down a bit. He tries to stroke the younger's back.
He wasn't prepared for Jongin snapping at him.
Yixing let's out a shaky breath when he sees blood dripping down the wolf's chin.

Realizing what he just did, Jongin let's go of the chinese's arm and crawls back, letting out a helpless whine.
He can see Jongin is sorry in his eyes but that didn't help the beast in him to calm down. With a painful hiss he transforms in his own wolf form.

He's still slightly smaller than Jongin and has light brown almost white fur.
Jongin fold his ears back down and Yixing can see his eyes swimming in confusion.

Jongin is new in the pack and Yixing's beast knows it - it wants Jongin to submit.
So Yixing just throws himself onto the latter wolf, crashing him down against the floor again. He positions himself over Jongin, biting his neck lightly. Warningly.
But Jongin squirms under him, trying to fight against Yixing's strong hold and Yixing has no other choice than bite down on Jongin's ear. Jongin let's out a painful whine and stops struggling - Yixing's beast is satisfied.

Jongin transforms back into his human form, too weak to hold his wolf form any longer. He turns around on his back and watches Yixing thoughtfully ; Yixing tries not to mind that he's fully naked.
And Jongin reaches out, carefully touching the light brown fur above him. He's surprised, but when Jongin strokes the right spot behind his ear, he bows down and softly licks at Jongin's face.
The latter laughs and Yixing transforms back. Splayed out naked on top of Jongin.

"You're beautiful." Jongin smile is slightly dazed and he blushes immediately.
The chinese smiles back, his dimple slightly showing.

"You're too. I'm sorry for your ear. It's instinctively, I couldn't fight it." He leans down to lick the few drops of blood away who clinged to Jongin's ear. The latter turns brighter red and his eyes travelled between Yixing's still bloody wound on his arm and his face.
Yixing's nods warmingly and Jongin leans in and licks Yixing's arm clean.

Yixing gives the younger a thanking peck on his cheek before he stands up and walks to their bags to find some clothes.

"Time to go home now and tell the other's." Yixing smiles and buttons up his shirt. Jongin follows.

"You're sleeping with me tonight.", Jongin gives him a questioning look (and blushes again- oh yixing loves it), "Pack rule. I'm your mentor now. We have a special bond.", Yixing simply smiles and walks out the door.
Jongin hurries after him and grasp his hand.


Jongin nudges his cheek with his snout, distracting him from his thoughts and shoots him a questioning look.
Yixing just smiles and licks lovingly between Jongin's ears.
Jongin snuffles satisfied and snuggles closer to Yixing, burying his head between his paws.

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