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Totally Worth It
Title: Totally Worth It
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Chanyeol/Yixing , many other pairs
Genre: Fluff
Wordcount: Drabble/1,110
Warnings: crack.

Everything is quiet in EXO's dorm. Almost everyone is out to eat in a restaurant (because everyone is getting sick of Kyungsoo's kimchi spaghetti) on their day off. “Almost” meaning Yixing is still home, not out to eat with his friends. He feels too exhausted to do anything besides lying on his bed or watching TV. He is even too tired to compose new songs or play his guitar.
Freshly washed he steps out off the shower, rubbing his body and hair dry. He goes back to his and Luhan’s room to get new clothes. After he put his pajama on his phone rings, telling him he received a new message.
"Yixing, please take care of Chanyeol. I guess he's already home. We had a little fight but don't worry, we'll work it out soon. Kris"
Chanyeol is home? Why hasn’t he known this until now? He has been home all the time...except when he has been showering. Yixing decides to talk with Chanyeol about his fight with Kris. Chanyeol is usually not a person who starts a fight. So Yixing walks to their living room, finding Chanyeol lying on the couch, pressing a pillow to his chest. Lay hears him sobbing quietly and muttering to himself with his deep voice.
The latter's head twitches and he turns around to face Yixing. His eyes are puffy and red and he has wet trails on his cheeks.
"Hyung, I forgot you're home. Sorry, don't mind me lying here. I'm on the way to my room so you can watch TV if you-"
He stops, almost a little shocked to feel the older one embracing him. He feels the Chinese stroking his hair softly. Chanyeol holds his breath, not knowing what to do. Yixing leans back, a fist rising to his cheek.
"bbuing bbuing"
The Korean's chin folds down in disbelief. The elder doesn't use aegyo at home often.
"What are you doing, Yixing?"
"I'm trying to make you laugh! Trying to make you happy! Does it work?"
"Well Yixing, your aegyo is way too cute but isn't it my task to make you all smile?"
"But you're sad right now. How can you make people happy when you are not happy yourself?"
"Putting a smile on my face, making lame jokes, I guess it all comes with time. Nobody really noticed it, except for you and Wufan. But Wufan is too busy with his Zitao. Going out with five couples wasn't the best idea I think. I'm sorry if I bothered you, Hyung."
Chanyeol is on his way to stand up but Yixing doesn’t want to let him. He lays himself on top of the rapper, chin on his chest and his hands playing with the younger's hair. Chanyeol doesn’t know how to react to this so he decides to put an arm around the smaller's waist, hoping he won't notice his fast heartbeat.
"Tell me what happened, Chanyeol.", Yixing says, twirling a strand of curly brown hair between his fingers.
Chanyeol sighs.
"Same as always. We were in the restaurant, I tried to start a conversation but everyone was too busy with their lover. Baekhyun was talking about Kai's dance skills endlessly while Kai tried to feed him. And Kris just stared at Zitao all the time, ignoring the existence of anything else. I even tried to talk to Sehun although I'm not allowed to talk to him when Luhan is in Korea. I was in a really bad mood and Joonmyun noticed it, kind of..."
"Oh no, here we go again. Joonmyun's infamous talent for the perfect timing he owes to his great leader-instinct. He started to talk nonsense in front of everyone, right?"
"Yeah...I yelled anything but nice words at him. Well, Wufan stood up and said I should calm down, that not having who I want is not that bad in my case. I hit him...but I don't feel guilty about it right now."
"You hit Wufan?!" Yixing's eyes widen in shock. They are both really close to Wufan, so he has never expected that Chanyeol would hurt him.
"Yeah...kind of. I just don't know! I was mad because everyone was ignoring me and so I exploded, yelling at everyone one how disgusting and annoying they are. But Wufan argued back, that he knows my feelings towards you and that it's all up to me to get you and that my situation is not the members’ fault. Only mine. I pushed him or hit him, whatever. It's not my fault that he may be hurt, he provoked it! He knows nothing about my situation and my feelings for you!"
Chanyeol has said all this without breathing and his mouth folds open as he realizes what he has actually said. That he has eventually confessed to the Chinese boy.
Yixing still lies on top of the rapper, looking at him with wide eyes and a shocked expression on his face. Even if Chanyeol has spoken really fast, he has still gotten every single word. And then he blushes in a pretty pink tone.
"What kind of feelings?", he asks, trying to hide his flushed face in the taller's sweater.
Chanyeol blushes too, slightly choking before he answers.
"I'm sorry, Hyung. I didn't know what I was sayin-"
"Answer my question, Chanyeol-ah!", Yixing says forcefully. The rapper sighs, looking for the right words.
"I like you, Yixing. A lot, to be honest."
He covers his eyes with his hand, wishing the shorter man wouldn't look at him like this.
"Well, this is nice."
"What-", he starts, but Yixing presses his lips on his to shut him up. Yixing drowns in that feeling of Chanyeol's lips on his own. He starts to move his lips, letting the kiss become more passionate, feeling no objections from the rapper.
They break apart, both gasping for air.
"I love you too, Chanyeol-ah.", he whispers and snuggles closer to the taller's warm body, not really sure if he can hear or feel the heartbeat of the other.
Chanyeol smiles brightly while he places billions of little kisses on the Chinese's chin, nose, forehead and hair. Yixing giggles and smiles as brightly as Chanyeol does.
They end up cuddling on the couch, Yixing lying half on top of Chanyeol who has his arms slung around the shorter's waist, whispering cute little promises to each other.
Joonmyun steps into their living room, seeing the two of them sleeping in each others arms and he smiles happily. Wufan steps next to him and grins.
"That was totally my plan."
Joonmyun laughs quietly and pats the other leader's shoulder.
"I hope it was worth your injured face."
A/N: -god, what the hell did i do?!
  -the pairing was an experiment if i could write something fluffy with my 2 absolute biases
    -comments would be nice

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Can I just say I freaking love you? OMG! We have the same EXO biases. And yes, in my opinion, the experiment is a success. I've always had guilty ChanXing/Layeol/ChanLay/whatever-their-ship-name-is feels. I need more of this pairing in my life. Can I freaking love you and pretend this fic was written for me?

OMG I love you too! Same here! ChanXing (how I call it) is so cute. I think, it's the very first drabble/fanfic with this pairing, but I'm looking forward to write more of this lovely pairing~♥
And yes, love me! lol and yepp this was just for you haha ♥

bwahahaha~ Oh, Chanyeol, you & your mouth... ^__^

I ship all the Xing ships, so rock on~ =D

Loved it!! My two bias!!! Chanyeol and Lay! I need more, i need smut!!!! This was a succes!

This pairing needs more, holy crap! And yes, your experiment was a success :) thank you for writing this! >□

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