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Sehun Hates Airports.
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: onsided!Sehun/Chanyeol, onesided!Suho/Chanyeol
Wortcount: Drabble, 457
Genre: angst,
it was supposed to be fluff...

Sehun hates airports. It’s all cramped and overcrowded. He hates when the fans pull out their abnormal big cameras to catch every move he takes, disrespect his privacy on purpose. He’s afraid of getting caught when he stares too long, touches too often or when he spaces out. Sehun hate airports, because he cannot hide his obvious affection on his Hyung. He’s kind of glad that none of the other band mates seem to know. Although he cannot get his eyes of his target.

Sehun’s eyes widen when he sees the tall light brown haired man bumping into the door frame. The elder looks up confused and a bit hurt. Sehun had always wondered how Chanyeol succeed not to destroy everything –not everything but the most- with his long limbs.

He sees their leader hurrying to the latter, asking if anything is wrong. Chanyeol put up a weak smile, pretending that everything is okay but Sehun can still see the pain in his eyes. He can see his Hyungs coming over to him with Joonmyun having an arm around the taller's waist. His heart squeezes in disapproving. Chanyeol stops moving in front of Sehun. Near. Too near, Sehun thinks and exchanged a short glance with the rapper. Then Chanyeol leans in, his head resting on his shoulder.

“Hyung, are you okay?”, he asked. His voice is hoarse and almost a croak.

“Yeah. I just…just a moment.”, the elder whispers.

And Sehun breaths in, the other boy’s hair tickling in his nose. But he doesn’t care for once because the scent of Chanyeol was filling his lungs and his mind and he just drowned in that. Sehun didn’t expect the moment to last forever but when Chanyeol leans back, straightening his back and with a weak smile on his face, he felt something that he would compare with heartbreak.

“Thank you, Sehun-ah.”, whispers the taller again and turns around, continues playing around with the other members.

And Sehun breathes out, already missing the presence of the rapper. His gaze follows him and ten he realizes Joonmyun who stands directly beside him, their arms almost touching each other’s.  He can see his desperate glance on Chanyeol and Sehun thinks that he looks the same way, desperate and lost; a little shadow of hope clenching his heart between its claws. And he knows the other is as much in love as he is.

Sehun fumbles for the hand of Joonmyun who jerks up on the sudden contact. But he doesn’t care. He interlaced their fingers and squeezed softly, trying to say ‘don’t break, Hyung’ and everything he couldn’t tell in words as they watched Chanyeol together.

And Joonmyun sighs and squeezes the younger’s hand back, trying to say ‘I'll try’.

-slightly inspiried by a fancam, but it was deleted...
-this is for nagitier my one and only wife
-comments would be nice...
- tbh english is not my mother language, but i think my english is almost flawless xD

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Wae so angsty? D: Waaahhhh liked the descriptions of the feelsssss


dunno why it's so angsty ;~; </p>

but thank you for reading this <33

you're welcome~

creeping in the comments and i think people will read your stories! lol /big words coming from someone who's written like one oneshot haha could always make online friends to read your stuff? :p

;____; <3

I love how Sehun and Suho hold hands in the end and quietly support each other /heartbreak

Btw, just wanted to tell you that your link on sonyeoncheonji isn't working properly. No, forget that! It does work. I'm sorry, my fault ^^"

Edited at 2012-12-10 07:55 am (UTC)

thank you so much <333 I didn't expect that anyone would read my stories ;__;

Edited at 2012-12-10 08:14 pm (UTC)

Of course someone will read your stories ^^ That's the wonderful thing about fandoms. You can share these things with other people and flail and have fun together~ <3

And about the link: it's just that I have this habit of opening lj cuts by right-clicking and opening in a new tab. And for some reason that didn't work. But when I used a normal left-click, everything was fine ^^

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