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Beijing Coffee Date
Pairing: Minseok/Luhan
Rating: pg
Lenght: drabble
A/N: I usually dont ship xiuhan but I had a lot of feelings and my friend likes this ship, so I wrote it for her

It’s already past midnight and Minseok is once again thankful for the cafés which are opened 24/7. He ordered two americanos at the counter and paid for them, then chose a table far away from the windows to remain unseen. He checks his phone for messages of his date running late, but there are none.
A nice girl brings his order and he thanks her with a nod and a small smile. Minseok checks his phone again- still nothing. He took a cautious sip of his hot coffee, when the bell above the door rang and a young man strikes up to his table. “Thought you’d left me hanging.”, he says to the blond boy.
“I would never, Baozi~,” The man singsongs before he takes the seat opposite of Minseok. He takes another sip of his coffee as he watches the young man taking off his jacket, before tasting the coffee himself. His eyes sparkle as he notices the stare Minseok is sending him, his lips curling up in a smirk.
“You know what? We should leave.”, the younger says, grabs his plastic cup and stands up. He extends a hand for Minseok to take. And he does, taking his coffee with him. They leave the café and walk the barely lit streets of Beijing for a few minutes in silence.
It takes another few sips of his cooled down coffee for Minseok to break the silence. “I…I missed you, Luhan.” The other man stops in his tracks and turns around to face him. He watches him for a bit before leaning down and kissing the frown away that forced it’s way on his face. “I missed you, too.”


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