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The Last Night
I don't own the boys, just the story

It was the last night at the dorm for the trainees who got eliminated during the first real elimination. 'It's not fair!', Minhyuk had said and 'Nothing about all this is fair.', was the dry answer from Jooheon.

Kwangji himself was speechless, there was nothing for him to say, really. His performance had been lacking in every aspect and if he was honest with himself, he kind of expected the elimination. Better him than the others.

Yoonho and Seokwon, their youngest and probably most attached members, had stayed to help him pack his luggage, silently folding clothes. Every once in a while there where sniffles or a small sob of 'don't go, hyung'. There wasn't much he could do, so he just petted their heads, assuring them that there would be weekly meetings and daily messages.

At three in the morning the two were almost half asleep, the clothes forgotten in their laps. Kwangji heaved a deep sigh and shoved lightly at their knees to get their attention.
"Go to bed now. You two have to leave early for practice tomorrow, if you want to get a place in the group.", he said with a small smile, causing the tears to gather in Seokwon's eyes again. But Yoonho got a hold of his arm and they left for their bedroom wordlessly.

Kwangji zipped up his luggage after he'd put his remaining belongings in and decided to watch television in the living room before going to bed. He didn't have to get up early after all.
Another rerun of one of those music shows was on and he turned the volume down, watching artist after artist perform in silence.

He didn't know what he was feeling while watching. The only thing he knew for sure was that his dream was fading away, slowly getting out of his reach. His vision became unfocused as tears blurred his view and it wasn't until someone sat down next to him that he startled out of his trance. Yoonho reached up to his face, wiping the wet streaks away with a serious expression.
"I knew you were not okay.", he said as Kwangji gaped at him.
"You shouldn't be here. You should be in bed with Seokwon, getting the sleep you need.", he answered and leaned back into the cushions.
"No, I'm supposed to be here. With you. It's the only thing I can do now to pay you back for all the things you've done for me. For us.", the other said in a comforting tone, pulling one of the many blankets on the sofa over them and cuddled into Kwangji's side.

After what felt like hours, he relaxed into the comforting warmth and sighed again.
"Promise me to train as hard as you can to get in the group. I did not loose to someone who won't make it." He said with a slight smile, ruffling the younger's hair. "I promise."
Only then they heard the soft steps of someone shuffling into the living room. It was Seokwon.

"You should be sleeping.", was the first thing Kwangji said. Seokwon rolled his eyes and Kwangji could bet Yoonho was, too.
"Yeah, you two should be as well, but you obviously aren't. You two weren't coming back so I thought that maybe...I'm supposed to be here, too."
Kwangji gave in and held up the blanket on the other side of him for Seokwon to crawl under.
"For the last night."

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